A new year and a new trimester!

Today, New Year’s Eve, I’m 27 weeks, 6 days pregnant and therefore more pregnant than I’ve ever been.  I feel so happy, so thankful that I get to keep my baby safe and warm inside me.  It’s a heck of a lot more fun than visiting my baby in the hospital, watching him through the plexiglass walls of an incubator, and going home to pump breast milk around the clock.

For the record, my cervix has been vindicated.  Since it maintained a length of 4+ cm throughout the second trimester, so we can say with authority that it is NOT incompetent.

My uterus still shows vestiges of the septum that used to divide it into two chambers.  We could see the ridge of scar tissue in front of the baby’s face when we were getting 3D face scans at 23 weeks, and from the outside, my uterus still sometimes looks arcuate.  However, I am happy to say that Sparkler was in a vertex presentation yesterday and has generally been demonstrating that she can kick and punch wherever she pleases: right left, up or down.  She usually seems to hang out with her back to the left side of my uterus (where the placenta is) and arms and legs all in the right side of my uterus, though.

We didn’t get any images to take home yesterday, but I didn’t really mind.  I know very well what a baby looks like at 27 weeks, 5 days gestational age, unfortunately.

I didn’t really doubt that I could make it past 27 weeks with this baby, but I also didn’t really think that I could make it this far without any notable complications whatsoever.  At this point, I really have no idea how long I’ll carry the pregnancy.  37 weeks seems like a very achievable goal, though.

So at this point, I can finally say that 2014 wasn’t such a bad year, after all.  I did graduate and got licensed as a pharmacist.  I did receive some very distinct honors during my last semester at MCPHS.  I got to take Peter and my parents to Vietnam.  I got to take Peter camping in Minnesota.  I got to take Peter to meet his great grandparents in southern California.  I got to go to Disneyland with Peter and my parents, reliving my first trip to Disneyland when I was 4 years old.

And maybe, just maybe, I’m close to landing a job.  I was hoping to have the verdict by today, but due to holiday vacations, I have to have another interview next week before the final decision can be made.  We’ll see.  My New Year’s predictions a year ago were very off in this respect.  I didn’t Match on March 21, 2014, and I’m still trying to find my place in the world of pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry.  On the other hand, there’s a distinct possibility that I might Deliver on March 21, 2015… and that would be a pretty amazing accomplishment.

Peter is a less demanding, more self-sufficient individual now.  Potty training is complete… we no longer have accidents during the day or at night.  I was pretty spot-on with my height and weight predictions, too… Peter weighed 31 lbs and measured 37.75 inches tall in September.  And I was correct that Peter would be able to read books independently by the end of the year.

Son is still working at Microbiotix, but thankfully, things seem to be going better at his company now as compared to a year ago.  So I guess all my predictions with regards to Son’s career and my career were wrong last year, and all my predictions with regards to Peter were correct.

Dare I try to make predictions for next year?  I’ll start conservatively:

1) Peter will start kindergarten.  And have a blast learning and playing with the other kids.

2) I will get a job.  And be happy to finally be putting my degrees to use.

3) Peter will weigh 34 lbs and measure 40 inches tall by the time school starts in the fall.

4) I’ll give birth to a daughter.  Vaginally.  In March.  (Knock on wood!)  And it will be a much happier birth experience than what happened with Peter.  (Knock one more time!)  And she will have dark brown hair and dark gray eyes.  And she’ll look absolutely adorable wearing the flower headbands that I already made for her.  And she will be super snuggly in the outfits my mom already bought for her.  And I’ll have plenty of opportunities to put my new camera to good use.

5) Peter will enjoy being a big brother… most of the time.  And the baby will be fascinated by her big brother.  I also think she’ll be a daddy’s girl just as Peter is a mama’s boy.

6) Breastmilk.  I see a lot of breastmilk in my future.  Hoping that the baby will drink straight from the tap this time.

7) Sleep deprivation.  I plan to enjoy my sleep while it’s still easy to get!

8) If I’m allowed to make another audacious prediction about Peter’s academic progress over the next year, I kind of think that he will be doing simple multiplication by the end of the year… enough to demonstrate that he understands the general concept.  Right now, he’s interested in fractions.  He can do some skip counting.  He does addition and subtraction of numbers up to about 10.  His first love, of course, is geometry.

I think I’ll quit there.  Let’s backtrack a bit… December was a fun month that earned the right to a photo bomb.  And I haven’t given an obstetric update in awhile.

I had some brown spotting at 21 weeks, so I ended up going in for an extra ultrasound.  The cervix and placenta looked fine.  The baby did look a bit like a dinosaur, though.

21w4d 5

The sonographer I saw at 23 weeks really wanted to get growth measurements but refrained since they were not ordered.  She took a couple 3D face scans instead.  And she demonstrated for the 4th time that our baby is, in fact a girl.

23w4d 3

23w4d 2

At that point, I had my OB’s blessings to proceed with our planned trip to Anaheim.  Peter and I ended up flying to MSP Friday morning, December 5th.  The flights from MSP to LAX were full that weekend, so we backtracked to DTW with my parents and then caught an evening flight from there to LAX.  Peter didn’t seem to mind; he had fun in the airports.


We drove up to Camarillo Saturday morning.  Peter enjoyed meeting his great grandparents but was not particularly fond of their dog and was mostly terrified of my aunt’s dog.  Peter and my parents went to Knott’s Berry Farm on Sunday while I had fellowship interviews (five).  Peter had a blast and reported that the mine ride was his favorite.  I scored an invitation to the MCPHS Biopharmaceutical Industry Fellowship reception, happily.  Sunday was also my birthday, and we celebrated with take-out pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.

I had two more interviews on Monday, so my parents took Peter up to Camarillo.  We all went to Disneyland together on Tuesday.  We all had fun, but some of the rides were a bit too scary for Peter’s liking.  His favorite rides were the monorail and It’s a Small World.  (It’s a Small World appealed to his love for geography.)

DSC00023 DSC00029 DSC00085 DSC00063 DSC00037 (1) DSC00034 DSC00030

I bowed out early that evening to attend the fellowship reception.  Unfortunately, my parents had to catch an early flight out of LAX Wednesday evening, so after packing our things, I was left with a relatively short night of sleep.  Happily, the nonstop flight from LAX to BOS that Peter and I took was… well, nonstop.  And Peter slept through the majority of it, leaving me to watch mediocre films in peace.

My dad commented several times in Anaheim that it looked like the baby grew during the day.  He was probably right.

weeks 12-26

I spent the following week taking care of fellowship applications and job interviews.  Then the Christmas festivities began.  We spent December 20th at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.  They had a craft for kids, a Christmas carol choir, and an impressive Christmas lights display.

DSC00139 DSC00141 DSC00129 DSC00111 DSC00106 DSC00167 DSC00161 DSC00146

Peter could hardly wait for Christmas at this point, so he quickly ate through our chocolate advent calendar and convinced me to buy him a model solar system “for Christmas.”  I also ordered him a coveted Usborne lift-the-flap book, but we’re still waiting for that Christmas gift to arrive.  (Apparently, it’s coming from the UK in a steam ship across the Atlantic.  Grrr.)  Son got Peter a Hot Wheels car-launching loop thing and a set of Hot Wheels cars… because Peter had been lobbying us for such a toy since he returned from California.  Santa brought lots of chocolate.

We went to Christmas Eve mass at 6 p.m. and went to our friends’ house for lunch on Christmas day.  Peter received his favorite Christmas gift, Buzzsaw, from one of our friends.


Between a stretch of rain before Christmas and the current stretch of cold weather, we had a couple warm, sunny days, so Peter was able to have some fun at the playground.


My mom’s much-anticipated Christmas package arrived this past Monday.  Peter was delighted to add Leadbottom to the collection of Planes: Fire and Rescue figurines that he had accumulated on our trip to California.  But then he started insisting that he needed a Planes aircraft carrier for Dusty and Leadbottom to fly off of.  I, being the daughter of a naval architect and an aeronautical engineer, thought to myself, “How hard could it be to make an aircraft carrier?”  Peter and I were both pleased with the fruit of my labor:


We spent a couple hours at the EcoTarium today.  It was pretty crowded and pretty cold, so I’ll have to take Peter back another day.


Son has a few more days of vacation to use up by the end of January, so we’re planning some more fun for the remainder of the week.  Happy New Year!

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