Halfway there!

We just got a quick peek at Sparkler on Monday.  Our bubbly sonographer was training a newly-hired sonographer, so she only took the measurements that the doctor requested: cervical length and heart beat.  Cervical length was a beautiful 4.5 cm, and Sparkler’s heart was beating at a brisk 156 bpm.  I reminded the sonographer that she promised to check gender again, and she obligingly identified the white lines which once again indicate that Sparkler is a girl.  I was slightly disappointed to not get growth measurements, but clearly, Sparkler has grown.  Her full body no longer fits into one sonogram.

19w4d profile (2)

19w4d front (2)

Here is my belly progression, weeks 12-20.  Further evidence that the baby is growing:

weeks 12-20

Ironically, I’ve found that I prefer to self-administer my progesterone shots.  The nurses leave my bum sore for about 4 days, while my gluteus maximus is only slightly sore for about a day when I give the injection myself.  I believe the difference is that I push in the oil more slowly than the nurses do.

Peter’s love for anatomy shone through on Halloween.  He liked seeing the trick-or-treaters come to our door in costume, but his favorite visitor was a girl wearing a skeleton costume.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he asks to be a skeleton next year.

As for this year, Peter was a cat again.  He wore ears, a tail, a nose mask, and a black bow tie.  Unlike last year, Peter helped me carve our pumpkin and went trick-or-treating.  We visited 10 houses before it got dark and Peter became frightened of the jack-o-lanterns.  We handed out candy to over 100 trick-or-treaters and didn’t run out of candy.  I’ll call that a successful Halloween.

The rest of October was filled with interviewing ups and downs.  I was lucky enough to interview for five positions over the past 2.5 weeks, but I only consider myself still in the running for one of those positions.  Now I’m trying to prepare for my fellowship interviews at the Midyear meeting in December.  Admittedly, I’m getting tired of this game: I try to look my best; prospective employers try to figure out what’s “wrong” with me.  Why can’t it just be enough to be a smart, hardworking, creative, friendly person?  Why do I need pharmacy technician work experience in addition to the many hours I spent on rotation in pharmacy school?  Hopefully, the stars will align sooner or later, but the end of the tunnel is still elusive.

Son and I did make some progress with our Etsy shop.  I made my first sale (a digital download), and I put up our first two listings for printed books.



We’re going to get some baby books for full-term infants added soon.  Hopefully, we can attract some more buyers.  The books are not as cheap as commercially printed books, but they are one-of-a-kind and somewhat different from other baby books out there.  I look forward to filling out one for my baby girl!

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