I guess it’s time to spill the beans…

In my July 13th post, I mentioned that my Marathon Menstrual Cycle was coming to an end.  In reality, it didn’t end.  We caught the egg that ovulated on July 3rd, cycle day 63, and I’m now 8 weeks pregnant with a singleton who I will affectionately call Sparkler in honor of the conception date.  Estimated date of confinement: March 26th, 2015.  My primary goal, however, is to make it to New Year’s Day, the day I should will turn 28 weeks and enter the third trimester for the first time ever.

first ultrasound too 2014first ultrasound 2014

Little Sparkler measured 8 weeks, 5 days, exactly the size (s)he should be based on my ovulation day.  So that’s… what?  Two centimeters crown-to-rump?  Let’s just say that Sparkler was big enough to wiggle and wave at me during the ultrasound.  Heart rate was 168, I believe.  Sparkler implanted on the left side of my uterus like Peter.  Sparkler is obviously a smart little embryo who knows how to make Mama happy.

Pregnancy symptoms have been mild in comparison to my last (twin) pregnancy, but I’m already sporting some new curves:

I promise that I looked like the left photo just two weeks ago.  I know my bust eventually got this big during my last pregnancy, but I don’t remember it happening this fast.  No weight gain yet, so I guess I’m just in the business of redistribution for now.

Peter already agreed that he would like to have a baby brother or sister.  (He seems to have a slight preference for a sister.)  He has been mildly interested in baby-related things, but his real passion these days is geography.  He mastered the U.S. states in mid-July; he then moved on to U.S. state capitals.  He has all those capitals down pat and is in the process of mastering his countries of the world.  I put the app, “Stack the Countries,” on his Kindle, and he has had a lot of fun learning from it.  He was playing with it during mass last Sunday, and two elderly women sitting behind us noticed him.  Of course, for them, the most remarkable thing was the fact that Peter could read everything on the app; the app doesn’t read country names or quiz questions to the player.

Peter also got recognition for his reading skills from the librarians at the end-of-summer “ice cream” social.  (By “ice cream,” they really meant Italian ice.)  Peter didn’t read the most books of any kid, and I didn’t read more books to him than any other parent, but the librarians still made a special certificate for him and recognized him as the 3-year-old who read 43 books all by himself and who visits the library almost every day.  (In reality, we go twice a week, but the library is only open 4 days a week during the summer.)  Peter only really cared about the “ice cream,” but it was still sweet of the librarians to recognize him.

I’ve been making some progress in my job hunt and interviewed at an awesome little hospital pharmacy department, but I think I’m going to start applying for retail positions next week.  I need to get a job while my uterus is still easy to hide.

So that has been most of my excitement lately.  I’ve been trying to make the most of my time with Peter, making cut-out peanut butter cookies with him, providing him with a mini oatmeal sandbox to play with, arming him with painting supplies, and showing him how to make a tent out of furniture and blankets.  We had a fun day in Boston last Saturday, and we bought some treats at Bolton Orchards on Sunday.  Peter and I are hoping to visit my family in Minnesota this weekend.  Gotta squeeze every drop out of summer before autumn and the real work begin.

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