World Cup 2014

This year is officially Peter’s first World Cup.  I delivered about 36 hours after watching Spain win the World Cup in 2010.  I didn’t really watch the World Cup this year, but the German part of me was happy to see the Germans make their winning goal.

Today once again marks the start of Peter’s 73-day NICU marathon.  Today is also day 73 of my Marathon Menstrual Cycle.  I contacted my OB at the beginning of July, and she ordered blood work which came back normal EXCEPT for a high FSH (12 mIU/mL) and high estrogen.  Thankfully, I had started charting my fertility signs a couple weeks before the blood work was done, and by the time I got the results, I knew that I FINALLY ovulated the day after the blood work was done.  So there’s a good chance I DON’T have premature ovarian failure.  (I am a bit worried about having another set of twins, though.)  And my Marathon Menstrual Cycle should come to an end sometime this week.

My other bit of happy news is the fact that I passed my law exam and am now a RPh (registered pharmacist).  Let the real job search begin!  And in the wake of last week’s phone conference with my research advisors, I’m on track to finally complete our systemic review of delirium prevention.

Peter completed his first reading chart and picked out a marble race as his “prize.”  We had a quiet birthday weekend together.  We went out to eat Friday evening, went blueberry and raspberry picking Saturday morning, and made cupcakes today.  This evening, I finally settled on what I wanted to get Peter for his birthday: a balance bike.  He still hasn’t figured out how to pedal his tricycle, but hopefully, he can figure out how to have fun with the balance bike.  He fell asleep on the ride home from Toys R Us, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see how daring or conservative Peter is with a bicycle.

(I believe I said that I would get him a watch in my last post, but neither Son nor Peter were impressed with the idea, so I’m holding off for now.)

I typically brood over the circumstances surrounding Peter’s delivery this time of year, but I think I have finally beat those memories to death.  Last summer, I came to the realization that Peter was in hypovolemic shock after delivery.  (That’s why he was hypotensive and required PRBC and FFP transfusions during his first two days of life.)  I also realized that I likely had a placental abruption immediately prior to delivery.  (That’s why Peter was in shock and why I didn’t have a third stage of labor.)  My first epiphany was confirmed when I read Peter’s NICU records.  The latter epiphany can’t be proven or disproven at this point but was confirmed to be a reasonable guess by my current OB.  And that’s fine.  Bottom line is that Peter’s delivery was very atypical, and things probably won’t unfold in that manner next time around.  I’m finally ready to move on.


IMG_2304 2012-05-03 15.05.19 IMG_2314

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