2014: graduation, here I come!

It is interesting to look back at my goals and predictions from last January.

One of my two manuscripts was submitted, revised, and accepted for publication.  Ironically, the manuscript whose publication I assumed to be guaranteed was abandoned by the stakeholders who I believed to be committed to its completion.  Lesson learned: if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

The ticagrelor project did lead to a poster at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting as planned.

My “clinical pearl” idea morphed into a caregiver education project at Baystate Medical Center and resulted in a second poster at Midyear.

Packages for Preemies, take 2, was a success.  Dr. Nesari was a very good speaker, and hopefully, my peers can carry on the project this spring.  I am only feeling guilty because I may not have time to bind more books for the donation drive this year.

The most ironic part of my 2013 predictions is that potty training, which I assumed would be a very manageable goal has been almost completely unsuccessful.  On the other hand, teaching Peter to read, which I assumed would be an over-ambitious goal, was downright easy.  He reads me his bedtime stories, but he refuses to sit on the toilet.  Quirky kid.  I am going to have to make potty training a New Year’s resolution:  Out of diapers by July 1st!  (I would be okay with nighttime diapers, though.)

I start my institutional rotation tomorrow.  From then on, it’s a race to graduation on May 10th.  No holidays or breaks like I had in the fall.  We will have a week of NAPLEX review during the week between my final rotation and graduation.  The day after graduation, we are planning to fly out to Vietnam so that Peter can meet Son’s family for the first time.

I’m optimistic that 2014 will be a good year.  My first residency application deadline was yesterday, so I submitted all six applications last night.  It was a slightly hectic way to ring in the New Year, but I think that my curriculum vitae, letters of intent, and supplemental information were all adequately revised and edited and properly submitted.  If I had had more time, I would have liked to re-read, double-, and triple-check everything before submission, but at 10 p.m., Son pointed out that if our Internet connection was lost, I would be in big trouble.  He was right, so I submitted.

Now I get to bite my fingernails and worry about interviews.  It shouldn’t be as bad as the wait for my graduate school admissions because there is a fairly strict timeline that everyone participating in The Match must follow.  All the Rank Order Lists have to be submitted by March 7, so I assume that all invitations to interview must be extended by the end of January and all interviews must be held by the end of February.  I just hope that I won’t have to wait long to hear from UMass…  (The nail-biting begins.)

Back to business.  2014 goals and predictions:

1)  I will Match on March 21, 2014.

2)  Peter’s “terrible 3s” will peak and wane.  I love Peter to death, and it’s amazing to watch his imagination and cognition and personality grow and develop, but he has become a little dictator over the past couple months.  Last night, for example, he ordered me to take the package of air-freshening baking soda that has resided in our refrigerator since before we bought the house out of the refrigerator and store it in the pantry.  These days, he just loves to make arbitrary and fickle demands.  I’m happy to oblige when his demands are reasonable or easy to comply with, but there is not much I can do when his banana breaks into two pieces and he wants me to mend it.  I do find it amusing when he claims to know more than me.  “That’s not a cement mixer!  It’s a concrete mixer!”  “That’s not an oval!  It’s an ellipse!”  “That’s not quả lê!  It’s a pear!”  Hopefully, Peter will be a less-demanding, more self-sufficient individual by the end of the year.

3)  Potty training, as mentioned previously.

4)  Peter weighs 30 pounds now.  He weighed 29 pounds last July.  So I guess he will hit 31 pounds by his birthday?  And maybe 37.5 inches tall if we’re lucky?  I feel like we’re not moving very fast size-wise.

5)  Since Peter met my goal of learning to read by 2014, I’m willing to guess that he will be reading books without help by 2015.  He needs to work on turning pages by himself and needs a longer attention span to read a whole book by himself.  These days, he likes to tell me that he can’t read so that I will read to him, he can correct my “mistakes,” and he can better enjoy the pictures.

6)  Residency training.  I can hardly wait!  Though almost as soon as I start my PGY1 training, I have to start worrying about what to do after that.  What to do after that really depends on how things look with Son’s career and whether we will need to move for his job.  For now, I tentatively plan to do a PGY2 in critical care.

7)  Hopefully, Son will land a new job.  He’s ready to move on.

Happy New Year!

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