One rotation down…

… too bad I don’t know how many more I have to go.  I’m guessing I have 7 or 8 more rotations before I graduate, but for now, I’m just focusing on the one rotation left for this year.  Baby steps.

Overall, my rotation at Hannaford was a positive experience.  I learned a lot; I now feel like I’m almost as competent as the pharmacy technicians who have been working at Hannaford for 1+ years.  I did a lot more than count pills; among other skills, I learned to use a cash register and interact with real, live patients.  Deep down, I’m still not convinced that I’m cut out for retail pharmacy, though.  Fingers crossed that I will feel a bit more at home during my institutional rotation.

Tomorrow is the first day of my 4-week rotation at Athol Memorial Hospital.  Some of my co-workers at Hannaford made disparaging comments about this particular hospital – or  more accurately, about the people who use this hospital.  I’m going to reserve my judgments.  I don’t like to hear health care providers speaking badly of their patients.  I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to be the ER physician who takes a look at a young mother holding her sick toddler and asks, “And how old are YOU?”  I understand that pharmacists and other health care providers can get jaded pretty quickly, but it’s not okay to make unnecessary assumptions about people.

It’s been awhile since I posted for Peter’s birthday…  52 days to be exact.  It’s still odd for me to think that at this time two years ago, we still had 3 weeks to go until Peter’s NICU discharge.  5 weeks until Peter’s EDD.  Today I celebrated Labor Day by ordering a custom t-shirt with Peter’s gestational age at birth and birth weight printed in footprints on the front.  The back will say, “Ask me about my preemie.”  I’ve been wanting one of Julie Howard’s t-shirts for about two years now, since she launched her business on Labor Day 2010.  It was hard for me to justify spending $23 for a t-shirt, but since she now has women’s t-shirts (until recently, only unisex was available) and since she offered a Labor Day discount today, my miserly disposition was overcome, and I ordered myself a purple t-shirt to celebrate the anniversary of Peter’s homecoming later this month, his EDD in October, and Prematurity Awareness Month in November.  I can also put it to use when we do Packages for Preemies next spring.  If you would like a cute custom t-shirt to celebrate your preemie, check out It’s A Preemie Thing.

Although we just relaxed at home today, we made good use of our extended weekend by sightseeing in the Blackstone River Valley on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday we hiked at Purgatory Chasm State Reservation.  The chasm didn’t look very toddler-friendly, so we hiked around the interesting geological feature rather than through it.  Then we let Peter play at the very toddler-friendly playground beside the visitor’s center.

Cuong, a Vietnamese friend, visited us from Boston on Sunday.  In the morning, we went hiking at Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park.  After lunch, we went apple and peach picking at an orchard in Millbury.  Cuong is a great photographer, so I’ll let his photos tell the story.

According to the giant apple and the scale at the orchard, Peter was 32 inches tall (wearing shoes, standing on his tiptoes) and weighed about 25.5 pounds (clothed, with a very wet diaper).  The pediatrician’s measurements on August 24 were 32.5 inches tall and 24 pounds.  I’m not sure who was more accurate, but the bottom line is that Peter is (still) short and an average weight for his height.  Now I’m just wondering whether we’ll be lucky enough to go an entire year without seeing a pediatrician.  It truly is a blessing that my little preemie has grown into such a strong, healthy toddler.

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