Adjusted age: 21 months

I really should update here more often even if for no other reason than to keep track of Peter’s milestones.  I answered a little questionnaire about my preemie recently, and it seemed like a nice thing to post here:

Child’s first and middle name(s): Peter Thien

Actual age: Turning 2 in 6 days!

Adjusted age: 21 months adjusted

Born at gestation: 27 weeks, 5 days

Birthweight: 2 lbs, 10.8 oz

Birth length: 15 inches

Current weight: According to the scale at the post office, 25ish pounds.

Current height: 31.5 inches

Clothes size: 18 months

Shoe size: 5W

Length of NICU stay: 73 days

Major complications while in NICU: Nothing too serious… grade 1 IVH, PDA, feeding intolerance, ROP bilateral grade 2, and of course, RDS

Worst day during NICU stay: The day he was born. Peter made an abrupt and unexpected entrance into the world, and he had poor Apgar scores because he thought that a footling breech vaginal delivery would be fun.  Thankfully, Peter was pretty stable by the time I saw him 3 hours after he was born.

Best day during NICU stay: The day I brought Peter home, of course!

Hospitalized or surgeries after NICU stay: Just once for one day when DS caught viral gastroenteritis last winter.

Issues/diagnoses since coming home: Nothing at this point.

Early Intervention participation?:  Yes, we worked with EI for 18 months.

Biggest developmental hurdle: Rolling over, I suppose.  Peter was a reluctant roller.  More recently, following directions (receptive language) has been a bit of a hurdle, but Peter appears to be doing very well in terms of language skills at this point.

Biggest developmental surprise: Peter adores the alphabet.  He could tell you the name of any letter you showed him by 20 months actual (17 months adjusted).  It didn’t take long at all for him to learn his phonetics in May, either.

First word: uh-oh!

Child’s favorite person: Mama

Pets: A stray cat who decided to move in with us about a month ago.  We call her Bella.

Child spends most of his/her days: at daycare.

Favorite main dish: chicken

Favorite dessert: tiramisu (like his mother)

Favorite fruit: blueberries

Favorite vegetable: corn

Favorite snack: Craisins

Favorite drink: milk

Favorite toy: trains

Favorite book: Thomas’s ABC Book

Favorite TV show: Super Why and Thomas the Tank Engine

Favorite indoor activity: drawing

Favorite outdoor activity: playing in water or sand

Favorite lovey/something to take to bed: He has a blue knit blanket that he calls, “Buddy”.

Your favorite time of day with your child: When I pick him up from day care.

Favorite thing(s) about your child: He’s very affectionate, always asking for hugs.

Favorite memory involving your child: His recent fireworks commentary: “Pink! More, more! Yellow! ‘Mazing! Awesome! Green! Wow! Choo-choo train!” 

Child’s latest accomplishment: getting both feet off the ground when he “jumps”

Currently working on: counting.  He’s pretty good at 1-20, but doesn’t always get 15-20 right.  I’m also showing him how letters form words.

Three adjectives that best describe your preemie: adorable, affectionate, analytical

Your hopes for your child: That he’ll find happiness and fulfillment wherever life takes him.

I honestly don’t have time to write about all the fun we’ve had over the past two months, so I’ll just have to provide highlights in the form of photos:

May 26: New sand box

May 28th: Vietnamese community barbecue on the Charles

June 9th: Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

June 9th: Portsmouth, New Hampshirre

June 16th: Longfellow House, Cambridge, Massachusetts

June 23rd: Elizabeth Park, Hartford, Connecticut

July 1st: Fish Pier, Boston, Massachusetts

Hard to believe that my tiny baby is quite nearly 2 years old.  I guess I have to stop using his adjusted now…

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