My wisdom teeth came out without too much trouble.  I only had local anesthesia, so I was able to scrutinize the surgeon’s technique as he tapped and pulled on my teeth.  I was pleasantly surprised by how easily my right upper tooth came out, and the recovery on that side has been very tolerable.  The left side took a lot more more tugging, and the very tip of the root was broken.  Happily, the surgeon was able to remove the little tip, but I needed two stitches to hold my gums together afterwards.  Understandably, the recovery on that side has been slower.  I only used Vicodin on the first day, though; since then I’ve been taking ibuprofen 800 mg.  Now admittedly, if I’d known that the pain would be worse on days 3-5 than it was on day 2, I probably would have brought my Vicodin with to Minnesota.  It wasn’t until day 6 that I didn’t find myself wishing that I could take my ibuprofen every 4 or 5 hours rather than every 6 hours.  Now that I’m content to take one ibuprofen every 8ish hours, I can finally sleep through the night again.  No more waking up at 2 a.m. in pain, needing to pop a pill.  But given how slow the recovery from my simple extraction of erupted wisdom teeth has been, I’m not letting anyone touch my impacted teeth unless they actually cause a serious (i.e., painful) problem.

Speaking of Minnesota, it was lovely.  Lush, green, and rainy – just as spring in Minnesota is supposed to be.  Peter enjoyed Minnesota, too.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that he seemed to remember Grandma and Grandpa from when we last saw them over Christmas.  His stranger anxiety has waned significantly since then, though he still acts shy when we meet unfamiliar people.  He was very comfortable in my parents’ house; he seemed to immediately remember his favorite places to play and his favorite cabinets to open.  He did, however, forget about the computers in the basement of  the house; either that or laptops have finally lost some of their appeal.  Peter was too busy playing with Brio train sets and Matchbox cars to worry about computers, anyhow.  I was particularly happy to observe that he no longer has mini panic attacks when I leave the room to do something alone.  Perhaps he finally understands that Mama will always come back for him.  And in the meantime, it’s okay to ask Grandma or Grandpa to read him a book or give him a hug.

We went to Como Zoo on Friday, and Peter had a blast.  His favorite animal was the sea lion.  He also liked climbing benches and fences, reading letters on the signs, watching the other kids, and splashing in puddles.  We had even more excitement at the Mall of America on Saturday.  Legoland was fun for a few minutes, but Peter soon wanted to check out The Park Formerly Known As  Camp Snoopy.  Peter fell in love with trains a few weeks ago, and he thought it was amazing to watch the elevated, twisting an turning, gravity-driven trains whiz above his head.  We lured him into a toy shop, where he found a toy train set to play with.  He could have stayed there for hours, but I pulled him away after about half an hour.  Peter objected vehemently but was soon consoled by his blanket, “Buddy.”  And then he found that there were other interesting things to see at the Mall: the Disney Store, Barnes and Noble, a Vikings rally, and water fountains.  (Peter really, really wanted to jump into the fountains, but I did not facilitate his efforts towards this goal.)

Sunday and Monday were quieter days spent mostly at home, and we flew home Monday afternoon.  Peter found the airport and the planes and the luggage cars fascinating, but I’m not sure whether he really understood that HE was FLYING in an airplane.  We did have a window seat so, I tried to explain it to him, but he preferred to play with his toy train and make comments about the color of my hair.  (According to him, it’s blue.)

This trip really highlighted for me how far Peter has come in just a little over 4 months.  He started trying to tell me what sounds different letters make a few days ago, so I checked out the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD from the library for him.  Much to my surprise, he prefers this video to the Elmo video I also checked out.  I didn’t really think Peter would be ready to learn phonics yet, but he seems to be making the connection that letters are associated with sounds.  The sounds of consonants like ‘S’ and ‘T’ are fairly easy to teach, but I think ‘W’ and ‘Y’ will take considerably longer.  Or maybe I’ll be surprised again.

I’m also starting to think about potty training.  I probably won’t get serious about it until October, when I have 4 weeks off from school, but it’s probably not a bad idea to set up Peter’s potty and check out a “potty” book from the library…

They do grow up quickly.  Once they’re out of the NICU, that is.

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