2 down, 6 to go

Hmm… it seems that another two months have slipped by without an update to this little corner of the Internet.  I’ll excuse myself from writing earlier in April because the final weeks of the semester demanded my undivided attention, but I don’t have any good excuse for not writing something over spring break in March.  Oh, well.  I’ll make up for my tardiness by posting some cute photos.

But first things first: time to brag about Peter.  My New Year’s prediction that Peter would not re-qualify for Early Intervention services this spring is coming true.  We completed the speech portion of the evaluation on April 17, and Peter scored at a 20-month level for receptive language and a 21-month level for expressive language.  My initial reaction to these scores was slight disappointment… Peter is 21 months old; why didn’t he score at least at the 21-month level in receptive language?  Then I reminded myself that Peter is only 18 months adjusted and that when he was evaluated last November, he only scored at a 10-month level.  This apparent delay in receptive language was the only reason he qualified for EI services the last time he was evaluated.  I should be jumping for joy at the fact that he made 10 months’ progress in 5 months’ time.  The only reason I’m not is because I already knew that Peter has been making leaps and bounds in his language skills; I didn’t need an EI evaluation to tell me that.

I am, however, quite pleased that Peter appears to be achieving the goal of “catching up” with his July 2010 peers by age 2.  (I still don’t really believe in “catching up”; toddlers, like babies and preemies, do things on their own schedules.  Peter is not in a race with the full-term babies born in July 2010.)  I have to admit that I’m glad EI is coming to an end because I’m tired of watching Peter’s therapist attempt to fit him onto a predetermined developmental timeline.  I feel guilty when Peter doesn’t stack blocks as well as expected for his age, and then I feel guilty when Peter counts to ten.  Should I really discourage Peter from counting because it’s not something he’s “supposed” to be doing yet?  Should I be happy about the fact that Peter usually mixes up his colors?  Since after all, he’s not “supposed” to start naming colors until he’s at least 2.  But what am I going to do about the fact that he is already naming circles, ovals, squares, triangles, crosses, moons, stars, and octagons correctly?  I guess I’ll just take solace in the fact that he can’t yet pronounce “triangle” correctly; he calls it a “ya-ya-ya.”  At the end of the day, I’m torn between what Kristina says Peter should be working on (matching, sorting, object labeling, and following directions) and what Peter wants to work on (letters, numbers, shapes, and colors).

Besides the termination of our Early Intervention services, let’s check up on the other New Years’ predictions I made:

  1. Peter’s hearing is normal.  check
  2. Peter will be discharged from Early Intervention in April.  check
  3. Peter will weigh 23 pounds at 2 years old.  I’ll let you know in a few months.
  4. Perfectionist that I am, I’ll get lots of  ‘A’s in my classes.  It’s looking like all ‘A’s for the spring semester!
  5. I’ll continue my campaign to raise awareness about and support premature babies by participating in the March for Babies again and by coordinating a new community outreach project at my school, Packages for Preemies.  Oops.  

If I may say so, I did do a fantastic job coordinating Packages for Preemies,  but we did not March for Babies.  I was too tired from finals week to walk 3k yesterday morning, and I was too busy to raise money earlier in April.  I tell myself that Packages for Preemies makes up for not marching.  I should probably just admit that I don’t enjoy fundraising very much.  As a schoolgirl, I wasn’t even good at selling Girl Scout cookies.  I suppose I make up for my lack of fundraising skills by participating in other people’s fundraisers and charity drives.  MCPHS students support a lot of good causes, and I’m happy to contribute non-perishable food or gently used children’s books or a couple bucks for local community service projects.

I have two weeks off between spring and summer semester.  The two main things on the agenda for this week are to have my partially-erupted wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow and to get myself and Peter to Minnesota Thursday or Friday morning.  It will be nice to see my family again.  Having two teeth pulled may not be quite as nice, but since my dentist finally convinced me to have them taken out, I might as well have it done sooner rather than later.  (He’s not taking my impacted wisdom teeth, though.  I’m still trusting my mother’s assurance that they probably won’t cause trouble.)

I’m looking forward to summer semester.  I’ll be taking three regular didactic courses, one course with a lab (mock pharmacy) component, and one directed studies course.  The plan for the directed studies is to write a systemic review on Botox uses and dosing.  I hope to add a pharmacy publication or two to my resume before graduation; my curriculum vitae still makes me appear more hireable as a chemist than as a pharmacist.

I’m also planning to do clinical research on a volunteer basis with a MCPHS faculty member at UMass Medical Center.  I was hoping to start this week, but the prerequisite health paperwork is taking longer than the expected “couple days” to be processed.  (I turned it in 17 days ago.)  Oh, well.  There’s nothing I can do to expedite the process.  I tried to get the ball rolling over spring break when I contacted Dr. Fong about doing critical care research, but it took awhile for him to get back to me… and then it took awhile for me to complete the 2-step PPD… and now the paperwork processing…  My excitement and enthusiasm for conducting clinical research will just have to stay on the back burner until I get back from Minnesota.

Now, as promised, photos of Peter.  We visited Cambridge and Boston on Saturday.  The Longfellow House is closed until June 1st, but Peter enjoyed playing in its formal garden.

He also enjoyed running in the grass and digging in the mulch at the Public Garden.  (Never mind the signs to stay off the lawn.)

And since I didn’t post about Easter, here’s a photo of Peter enjoying his first egg hunt:

These were taken in March.  They’re too cute to not post:

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