Autumnal Equinox

Well, today really is the last day of summer.  I miss having 12+ hours of daylight already.

As predicted, school is keeping me busy now.  A lot has changed over the past 3 weeks.  Peter and I made it through the first teary-eyed week of day care.  This week, he actually seems to look forward to day care.  It has become his second home, as I hoped it would be.  Kathie is a sweet caregiver, and Peter fits right in among the other kids, ages 2, 18 months, and 6 months.  I think Peter has realized that the change of scenery, new toys, and new activities that he experiences at day care are fun… and by extension, it is possible to have fun without Mom and Dad.  Peter has been fairly good at entertaining himself for awhile now, but he has become even more independent over the past few weeks.

So independent, in fact, that he started taking steps on Sunday.  He’s not full-out walking yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long.  He took 6 wobbly little steps this morning as I smiled, clapped, and cheered my baby on to toddlerhood.

Peter also has a first word now: “uh-oh!”  He uses it whenever he drops something.  I never realized how often Son, Kristina (Peter’s therapist), and I used the word, “uh-oh”, until it became Peter’s first word.  I must admit that I am a bit disappointed that Peter’s first word doesn’t contain any consonant sounds, but it still makes me tingle with delight to correctly hear my little boy say, “uh-oh”, with all the inflection and seriousness of an older child.

As Peter hits these milestones,  I have to admit that his babyhood is drawing to an end, soon to be replaced with the joys (and challenges) of toddlerhood.  I was far from ready to think of Peter as a toddler on his birthday, but this Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of Peter’s NICU discharge.  Peter hasn’t developed quite as quickly or dramatically over the past 10 weeks as he did in the NICU, but the change has been sufficient for me to start thinking of my baby as a toddler.

It has not, however, been easy for me to start thinking of myself as a pharmacy intern, despite what the shiny name badge on my white coat says.  I’m still a chemist at heart, inclined to debate with my biochemistry professor over the relative aqueous solubility of polar gases and apolar liquids… and don’t even get me started on the pKa of carbonic acid!  On the other hand, the top 200 list of commonly prescribed medications that I’m supposed to memorize brings out the procrastinator in me.  My classes are all very relevant to the pharmacy profession, though, so I’m sure that after a year or two of instruction in pharmaceutical science and pharmaceutical practice, I will feel more like a pharmacist than a chemist.

For now, I’ll try to think of myself as a British “chemist”.

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