4th of July

Bostonians are very proud of their annual 4th of July Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, and some of that pride rubs off on Bay Staters living outside the greater Boston area.  As a result, only one town in all of Worcester county scheduled a fireworks display for July 4th this year.  Everyone else chose July, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 9th.  The one town that is shooting off fireworks tonight actually scheduled two displays: one for the 3rd and one for the 4th.  I guess no one wants to step on Boston’s toes by discouraging their residents from joining the throngs of people that gridlock the capitol city on Independence Day each year.

Similar to last year, I checked the schedule for Worcester’s fireworks on Friday evening and was surprised to find that the display was scheduled to happen… in an hour.  Perhaps next year, I’ll remember ahead of time that Worcester likes to hold their fireworks display ridiculously early and won’t be so surprised.  Regardless, it all worked out fine: we drove to Son’s workplace, parked the car, and went up to the building’s 4th floor patio to watch the fireworks at 9:30 on Friday evening.  We were close enough to have a decent view over the treetops but far enough away that Peter fell asleep during the display.

I thought back to last year, July 2nd, when I was on the roof of Son’s building watching Worcester’s fireworks display.  I was 26 weeks pregnant.  I was happy, so happy, imagining what it would be like to take my little boy to see fireworks.  Imagining the awe and wonder in his big brown eyes.  Imagining the simple joys of childhood… and of motherhood.

Uaware that motherhood was going to hit me like a bolt of lightning in 11 days’ time.

But I’m thankful that now, a year later, things are more or less going as I had imagined last year.  Our road took a little detour, but we’re back on the track I laid out in the spring of 2010: I’m preparing to start my PharmD program, Peter’s preparing to start daycare, Son is having fun working in the yard and around the house, and we’re saving a lot on gas now that we live close to Son’s workplace.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how long we’ll be saving on gas.  Son started applying for jobs in the greater Boston area, hoping to land a better paying, more stable job.  We’ll see what happens.  The important thing is that he maintains a job within a one-hour driving distance of Worcester until I finish my degree.  Then we can move wherever there is a demand for medicinal chemists.

Son’s petition to remove the conditions on his permanent resident card was approved last week.  I was surprised that we didn’t need to go to Boston for an interview, but I suppose a birth certificate and a Christmas card showing our adorable baby boy was enough to demonstrate that Son and I are still happily married.  Perhaps Independence Day has a little more meaning for Son this year, now that he is free to live and work anywhere in the United States for the rest of his life.

We celebrated the holiday weekend by going on a sightseeing cruise of Boston harbor.  Our original plan was to take a ferry to one of the islands, but the best weather was on the water, in the shade.  Peter enjoyed looking out the window, and I took some nice photos of Boston’s skyline.  Afterwards, we got some good deals on fruit at Haymarket.  Made me a bit nostalgic for our former life as city dwellers, but Peter is happy to be living in a single-family house with a nice lawn.  And what makes Peter happy makes me happy.

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