I had a little boy named Charlie Jonah in mind when I wrote my last post.  Charlie was born at a gestation of 27 weeks, 6 days due to fetal distress.  The doctors suspected an infection, and cultures revealed that the culprit was E. coli in Charlie’s bloodstream.  Charlie also suffered a bilateral intraventricular hemorrhage, grades 3 and 4.

Low blood pressure, bruising, edema, thrombocytopenia… I was praying that Charlie would pull through, nonetheless.  Sadly, he passed away on Sunday, his tenth day of life.  His mother wrote,

The E. coli infection that had been ravaging his system proved too powerful an adversary.  Even if he recovered from the infection the damage to his brain and organs would have put him into a vegetable state for the rest of his life.  He was in great pain and his suffering was visible.  We decided, as a family, to remove him from life support and let him go peacefully back to the spirit world.  For the first time since his birth we were able to hold him and took turns until he was gone.  As parents, it was the most loving thing we could do for him, and after he took his last breath a smile spread across his face as if to thank us.  It was beautiful.

My heart breaks for Charlie’s mother.  I pray that Charlie will find great rewards in heaven and that his family will find blessings in the future.

Once again, I am reminded not to take my own blessings for granted.

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