My Mother

My mother is a strong woman.  I suppose I’ve always known this, but I understand it on a much deeper level now that I’m a mother myself.

I understand how brave she was when my father left on a Navy cruise to be catapulted from the deck of an aircraft carrier in an F-14.  She continued to work as an aeronautical engineer and care for me as a baby.  I am thankful that my husband rarely goes out of town on business trips.

I understand the numb fear that must have swept over her when my sister was born dusky blue and the sadness that engulfed her when she had to leave her baby in the NICU.

I understand the sleep deprivation that she has experienced – both the woken-up-every-hour type of sleep deprivation and the insomnia caused by worry.

I now better understand the broken dreams and resulting grief that she had to work through when her daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

I understand that her decision to become a stay-at-home-mother in order to better care for her family was entirely selfless.

I understand how brave she was to conceive a third child after having a preemie with special needs.

I understand how much more work it is to keep a house clean when children are living in it.  (wink, wink)

I understand that mothers want to do much more for their children than they can do.  I understand the love and generosity that drives my mother to do much more for me and my siblings than she has to.

I understand that making decisions for your family is not always easy and that being a mother is a learning process.  I understand how lucky I am to having a thoughtful, caring mother who has made so many good decisions over the years.

I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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