Peter’s first Easter

Peter has started crawling.  I must admit that he’s becoming mobile sooner than I thought he would.  The proud mother in me is tempted to call Peter precocious, but the objective scientist in me acknowledges the fact that many babies start learning to crawl at six months old, and Peter is actually already nine months old.

Peter has been doing pre-crawling actions for a couple weeks now: pivoting, lunging forward, and rocking on his hands and knees.  On Friday, he crawled for the first time.  I was offering him a toy to encourage him to scoot towards me.  But rather than inch towards the toy, Peter started crawling backwards on his hands and knees.  He was quite frustrated to find himself getting farther and farther away from his Tiny Love lamb, so we had to take a break from tummy time.

Over the weekend, Peter showed his dad how he can army crawl:

Yesterday Son stayed home and napped with Peter while I went to Easter mass.  The priest wore bunny ears and gave treats to the kids after mass, so perhaps I’ll tempt Peter to join me next year.  What kid would pass up the chance to get a candy rosary?

After last week’s wet, cool, and foggy weather, yesterday was warm and beautiful.  Peter and I are both loving our afternoon walks and the colorful flowers that are now blooming:

I made a pavlova to take to my cousins’ house for Easter dinner.  I don’t have much experience making meringue or whipped cream desserts, but I was quite pleased with the result, as it tasted about as good as it looked:

The Meyers doted over Peter, amazed to see how much he has grown since Thanksgiving.  I like to compare the micropreemie diapers Peter wore during his first couple weeks to the size 2 diapers that he has now almost grown out of:

We’ve come a long way.

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