Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

I think it’s time for another update on Peter.

Last Friday, Peter demonstrated to his Early Intervention therapist that he can sit unassisted for brief periods of time (i.e., a second or two).  If we let him sit with his Boppy pillow in front of him, he can use it to stabilize himself in a seated position for longer periods of time (i.e., a minute).  Peter is pleased because he is no longer required to spend the whole therapy session on his belly.  However, even tummy time is not as objectionable as it used to be because Peter is now strong enough to push through his elbows while laying on his belly.  (Peter’s level of contentment seems to be roughly proportional to his elevation above the floor.)

When he is in a good mood, it’s not difficult to elicit a cough-like chuckle from my baby.  In particular, Peter finds my kisses, his reflection, and my teeth amusing.  (I suppose I would think teeth are funny, too, if I didn’t have any.)  He likes to study my face with his fingers.  I try to accommodate Peter’s curiosity, but I don’t like to be poked in the eye or scratched on the lips, and I don’t really want Peter to investigate the contents of my nasal passage.  So eventually, I turn away, and Peter grabs a lock of my hair and proceeds to try to eat it.  My hair is nothing special; Peter also likes to chew on his stuffed animals, his links, and his cloth books.  Blankets are not quite as tasty, so he normally just pulls them over his head.  When he does this, I’m not sure whether he is trying to play peek-a-boo or trying to dim the lights so that he can nap more easily.  I introduced the game of peek-a-boo to Peter a couple weeks ago, and he thought it was hilarious.

Recently, Peter has been so enthusiastic to taste new things that he often sticks out his tongue like a clam.  Just to be ready in case something tasty walks by.  Like Pumpkin.  Peter has become very fascinated with Pumpkin recently, and he gets quite excited whenever Pumpkin comes within arm’s reach.  Pumpkin has been remarkably tolerant of Peter, who typically proceeds to pet the cat, grab his skin, and slobber all over his fur.  Perhaps Pumpkin appreciates the help in shedding his winter coat.  Perhaps Pumpkin realizes that Peter is a baby and must be treated gently even while he’s pulling out fistfuls of your hair/fur.

Peter was pretty good about sleeping through the night during January.  February was marked by the anticipated “four-month-old sleep regression” (or, in our case, seven-month-old sleep regression).  The beginning of March was better, but recently, Peter has been waking up several times each night again.  (Perhaps someone told Peter about the eight-month-old sleep regression?)  Last night, he woke up three times before we all got up at 7:30 a.m.  Son thinks that Peter is waking up simply because he gets hungry, and I have to admit that that may be true.  So I threw in the towel today and decided to introduce Peter to solid foods.  Namely, mashed banana.  Our first attempt this morning was amusing but not particularly successful: the banana went in his mouth and promptly came  back out again.  However, Peter caught on a little better when we tried again this afternoon, and I managed to get a couple teaspoons of banana into his belly.  I’m not convinced that this snack will allow him to sleep for eight hours straight, but we’ll see.

[Editor’s note:  The banana failed us.  Peter was up ALL NIGHT last night.  It was like October revisited.]

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