Merry Advent!

Fr. Ken impressed upon us in church last Sunday that It’s Not Christmas Yet! It’s Advent, a time to prepare for Christmas, a time to reflect on the mystery of Christ’s incarnation and look forward to His second coming.

I’ve been keeping busy with the usual Christmas preparations, taking full advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  (No, I did not wake up at 3 a.m. to get the early bird specials on Black Friday.  I was feeding Peter at 3 a.m.  When I say, “taking full advantage of Black Friday”, I’m patting myself on the back for getting out of the house to buy a few things at Carter’s during a store-wide 50% off sale.) Soon my house will be decked with lights and garlands and ornaments and gift boxes.  Today, however, was devoted to Christmas card-making.  Well, designing, to be more precise.  I’ve sent off my design via cyberspace to be printed by a company on the other side of the country.  I was able to get a deal on printing by calling my Christmas cards “postcards” and pretending to be a small business owner; there was, however, a 100-card minimum order.  So in 7-days’ time, I’ll be tracking down the addresses of every friend and cousin I’ve ever met in an attempt to get rid of a large stack of cards.

This morning, Peter, our cat, and I had a photo shoot in order to acquire some images with which to construct design the Christmas cards.  Our cat, Pumpkin, was mostly just a nuisance, knocking down my backdrop and precariously posed box lid.  He did,  however, sneak into a couple of the photos.

Three photos into our session, Peter began to argue for a milk break.  He was more agreeable after his bottle, but then he became over enthusiastic and started flailing his arms, rendering most of the photos blurry.  And predictably, Peter wasn’t thrilled to pose in the manner I had envisioned, so I have fewer photos of a smiling baby than hoped.  Luckily, all you need is one cute photo to make design a Christmas card.

It’s not Christmas yet, so you don’t get to see the winning photo now.  However, I think it would be appropriate to share the runner-up photos.  So in celebration of Advent – or preparation for Christmas, whichever you prefer – here we have Baby’s First Christmas Photo Shoot:

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